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In the modern day and age, it can be seen that the business environment is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. A business which was thriving one day can be found to be almost bankrupt in the next couple of days. The intensity of competition has increased so much that it has become virtually impossible for the companies to survive. What they must do is constantly keep on changing and upgrading themselves which is why advice from experts like gregory ortiz are what’s recommended. One way in which they will be able to do this is by keeping themselves updated with all the latest business trends. In this way, they will also be able to determine what would work for their particular situation and what would not.

Therefore, in the current year of 2016, some of the biggest trends predicted to hit the business sector are as follows:
•    More importance being stressed on connecting customers
In today’s times, the common scenario which can be witnessed is that people are becoming distant even from each other. The technology which was bound to bring us closer together is pulling us apart. That is why it has become the perfect opportunity for companies to take advantage of this situation. Those companies who would like to have the sweet taste of success can think about banking on this. It means that more effort should be placed on connecting people with one another with experts in their field such as gregory ortiz and various other professionals. It could either be through new and innovative social networking sites and applications or even taxi services. If recent reports are to be believed, Uber is coming out as one of the most successful businesses. It is due to its ability to transport people safely and dependably from one place to another.
•    Shifting to millennials
Even though it is the common habit of businesses to complain about a particular segment of customers, this trend is also changing. It is because they are now targeting an entirely different customer segment. This is known as the Millennials. In basic terms, it means a section which is representing the largest population of employees and clients. Companies have understood that it is this segment which would turn out to be the most profitable for them. It can be said in the case of both sales and loyalty. That is why particular innovative efforts are being undertaken to attract this segment of customers and employees. Since this portion is slightly different than the other ones, they need to be shown the vision and importance that they will be able to bring into an organization.
•    Investment in engagement and mentoring for remote employees
Lastly, companies which are aiming for a more innovative approach are thinking about stressing more importance on its employees. Usually, the employees who the ones who are looked at as the greatest assets of an organization look for leaders such as gregory ortiz to run the business. If they are not motivated and productive enough, then it would not be possible for a company to attain success.
Even though adequate measures are taken to motivate employees on an almost regular basis, some companies are focusing more on engaging remote employees. They have found that these employees are in fact the ones who can make a significant contribution to a firm.

Therefore, after knowing the latest business trends, it would be more helpful for a company to decide what kind of approach they should be taking.

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